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today the chilly awareness of grey

April 3, 2012


today the chilly
awareness of all shades of
grey      cloud grey  mist grey   seagull grey  feather grey
              water grey  wave grey  foam grey
         rock grey  pebble grey   rock crevise grey
            sand grey    shell grey      crushed shell grey
              has found my senses
at this place today:   kayser’s beach  34km west of
east london    eastern cape     south Africa   32°58 south
where in the exposed tidal zone

in crushed shell sand

my feet are wriggling itself


©Susan Smith


“There is dual tension at work in […] bioregional poems.  At some moments the poem is an account of the world-as-it-is, at other moments a idiosyncratic self emerges like a sprite.  Yet, the poem announces a concerted effort to write as a way to displace self from phenomenal experience. “   It is striving towards“[…] a poetics in which these two acts – of being, and of ‘letting be’ – work in concert. “  The use of “[…] the journal as a site of poetry, time – marking and framing the place and materials surrounding the writing.  With […] clarity, the here and now surface:  native animals, plants, waters, people, moon and sky interwoven with thoughts, the mind working.  The poem is porous, a duration.  Not a slice of life, but an instance of inhabiting […]a site of ecological being.” Russo, Linda. (n.d.). Writing Within:  Notes on Ecopoetics as Spacial Practice.  In:  How2, 3(2).

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